The 30-Day Challenge

At my office we recently started something new during our bi-weekly staff meetings: Each staff member takes turns starting off the meeting with a short TED video on a topic of their choosing. It’s been great so far, and sets a fun and inspiring tone for the meetings. It was my turn to pick this week’s video, and after much internal debate I chose this one by Matt Cutts:

I love these types of challenges (i.e. personal-development opportunities that provide immediate feedback), and so I was inspired to try it myself. For the past several days I’ve been mulling it over and trying to decide what my first 30-day challenge could be.

I’ve finally figured it out: I’ll write a blog post every day for the next thirty days! My blog has been woefully neglected these past several months, and this is just the incentive I need to change this. So starting tomorrow, I will make every effort to share something here (big or small).

How about you – have you ever undertaken a similar challenge? What was it, and how successful was it?

Please share your experiences and any ideas for future challenges!