Welcome to the New Year

I can’t believe we’re nearly halfway done the month of January already. I haven’t even had the time to think about resolutions yet!

I’ve been busy focusing on my creative interests in the past few weeks:

– It’s confirmed; I’ll be giving two workshops this month at the Urban Scrapyard in Toronto. The workshop is called Intentions Lapbooks and will demonstrate a variety of simple bookbinding techniques. I thought the concept of lapbooks would work perfectly with new year’s resolutions (or ‘intentions’, as I prefer to call them), but they can be used for many other themes. Here’s a photo of the finished project:

And with open books:

Nathalie-Roze & Co, a local indie store that exclusively sells handmade products, has expressed interest in selling my handmade books. I’m very excited about the prospect of selling in a real store! Nothing is confirmed yet, but I’m hopeful things will work out. As a result of my encounter with Nathalie-Roze earlier this week, I’ve been bookbinding like a madwoman:

– At Nathalie-Roze’s boutique, I’ve also signed up for a soap-making workshop. I’ve been interested in learning this craft for so long, and even bought a book a few years ago, but it always seemed to intimidating. With the handmade soap fetish that I have, this workshop is perfect for me. Perhaps next Christmas everyone on my list will be getting soap instead of books???

– I also want to get my butt into gear and finally open my Etsy shop. I’ve had the name registered for a while, but haven’t gotten around to taking all the necessary photos and posting my items yet. Must keep the creative momentum going and start working on this.

This post is long enough already, so tomorrow I’ll expand on what I plan to use the Intentions Lapbook for.

Oh, by the way – happy birthday to me!