Uses for Star Books

I received an interesting question from bookarat, who asks:

What I wonder – how can you use starbooks? Are they just beautiful book objects, or can you use them for journaling or album purposes?

Although they are beautiful book objects to be admired, I’ve also seen them used very creatively. Check out this link:

Three-Layer Star Book

I love how she cut through the layers of paper and integrated photos…now that I think of it, this looks very much like the book I attempted to make without the instructions! Had I taken a few more moments to do proper research, I could have saved time and headaches (and paper)! As I said in my earlier post, I never learn…

I got the instructions for my first star book (from a few posts ago) from a book called “Books with Girth” by Cherryl Moote. She made an absolutely amazing star book with cutouts and calligraphy. Check out this page – the book in question is called “Nursery Rhyme Silhouette Star Book” and it’s about 3/4 of the way down the page. I don’t event want to think about the amount of patience required for making this book…

So as you see, star books can be used like any other scrapbook or journal – you can add pockets, embellishments, journalling, photos, anything really!


I Never Learn…

One thing most good instruction books tell you is when you’re making a new type of book for the first time, always make a maquette from scrap papers first; that way if you make mistakes or need to make adjustments, you’re not wasting your good papers.

Do I ever follow these instructions? Noooooo……

And so I’ve spent approximately $20 on paper to make a star book that doesn’t quite form into a star shape…

star-book2.jpg star-book3.jpg

Here’s what it looks like closed:


Don’t get me wrong – I love how it looks, the colour combinations, the way it fans out, etc. It’s just that it’s supposed to completely fan out so that the covers touch each other. You see, I couldn’t find instructions for this book, so I carefully studied several photos until I had it figured out… I got it right for the most part, and it would take only a bit of tweaking for it to be perfect, but in the meantime I’ve spent a good chunk of money on a book that won’t open properly. And I can’t take it apart to redo it.

Lesson (grudgingly) learned.

However, I do believe I’ll send out this book for a swap I’m participating in on Swap-Bot. The challenge is to make a book that is MORE than a book, something that is interesting and interactive. I think this will fit the bill perfectly if I add a few pockets and some tags…

On Saturday I took part in my very first Crafternoon Tea at nathalie-roze & co. Although I didn’t sell tons, it was a worthwhile experience nonetheless – I got to promote my books to a very interesting and interested crowd, and I was able to meet and mingle with some pretty cool crafters, namely le petit pig and soap scum. I never cease to be amazed by the sheer amount of talent and creativity out there – it’s very inspiring and makes me want to try so many new projects…except the pesky new day job keeps getting in the way…and yet it’s the pesky new day job that allows me to finance the new projects. It’s a sad, sad situation, I know.

If You’re In Toronto This Weekend…

Be sure to stop by nathalie-roze’s Crafternoon Tea where I’ll be one of the vendors…

MINI Crafternoon Tea

WHEN: Saturday June 23rd from 11am to 5pm

WHERE: Nathalie-Roze & Co. – on the side patio and back garden

WHAT: A hip outdoor crafty fashion market and charity tea-party

Expect over 20 local craftista-designers selling their fab limited edition merch at wallet-friendly prices (lots under $30) – many items are eco-chic, creatively incorporating vintage and/or recycled materials. Peruse wearables and gift items including unusual handcrafted jewellery & accessories, quirky-cool clothing, unconventional paper goods, dreamy organic soaps & lotions, plus lots more handmade crafty goodness.

Highlights include: onesies made from vintage t-shirts, reusable shopping/tote bags made from recycled sheets and drapes (no more plastic!), knitted purses made out of t-shirt scraps and gorgeous summer tops and brooches made with vintage silk scarves, sock toys, vinyl LPs morphed into journals, clay jewellery and other inspired wearables.

ALSO: a stellar raffle (over $400 worth of prizes), a discount craft supply & fabric table as well as lots of sweet eats – scones & cream, cupcakes, gourmet tea (iced or hot) and lemonade served in the back garden.
Proceeds benefit the Woodgreen Community Centre.

Vendors include local faves and newbie talents:
Kari Lynn Bianchi, Sweetie Press, Kim Kutner, B. Skin, TLC/Echoes in the Attic, Naynu, Kate Johnson, Le Petit Pig, House of Hsueh, SLO, Jules & Annie, Little Brown Wren, Sally Girl, Peach Berserk, Sally Girl, Rat Girl, L’Ammie, Melissa Clemente, Soap Scum, simply. by amanda, Paper Muse, Toronto Craft Alert, Church of Craft and Rat Girl (& other guests).

For more info and vendors pix, visit: OR call 416-792-1699

Coming Up For Air…

No, I haven’t gone AWOL – I’ve been working on a few different projects, the first of which was a commission from my new boss. She asked me to design a memory book for her parents’ 50th anniversary. Here’s what I came up with:


I’m not really partial to green, but this Japanese chiyogami paper is so amazingly beautiful – and the inside pages are just as wonderful, although it’s hard to see their fabulous colour. I kept the stitching on the spine simple so as not to distract from the cover paper – I’m so thrilled I got all the holes straight!

green-waves2.jpg green-waves3.jpg

I also created a number of pockets so they could include letters, photos, CDs, and other mementos in the book. I’m extremely pleased with it – I had a vision in my head of what I wanted it to look like, and it came out pretty darned close to the vision… By the way, do any of you know of a tool that can create round corners on chipboard? The scrapbooking corner rounder I own could never cut through chipboard, but I’m hoping there is something out there that can create beautiful corners…

Another reason I’ve been so busy – next weekend I’m taking part in a craft fair at nathalie-roze & co, and I barely have any inventory at all! Almost everything I have made recently is in stores, hence the need to start producing new stock. And produce, I did! Here are the results of this weekend’s bookmaking blitz:

craft-fair1.jpg craft-fair2.jpg

I must say I am impressed with myself, although I’m in much pain (my shoulders get very sore and stiff when I craft all day). I’ll make a few more books throughout the week, but this should be the bulk of it. I’m really looking forward to this craft fair; I just hope the weather holds up (the tables are outside)…

Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About…

There have been a few Papermusings sightings in the blogosphere…
Lee Kottner’s blog
TJ Book Arts
Craft Tutorials Blog (In the links section, under “Box”)
WordPress’ Growing Blogs (I’m #33!)

Thanks to everyone who has mentioned my blog – I’m really flattered!

In the case of the Craft Tutorials Blog and Whipup sites, I had submitted my accordion box tutorial for consideration and was thrilled when they accepted it!

I haven’t been posting as much as I should – I’ve been working on a commissioned book… Photos to come soon…

Accordion Box Tutorial

I’ve just uploaded a new tutorial explaining how to make an accordion box, like the one pictured here:

You’ll find it by clicking on my new Tutorials page, in the top right-hand corner of this site. I hope to add other tutorials soon…

Have fun trying this great project and don’t forget to send me photos of your finished boxes at papermusedesigns[at]yahoo[dot]ca