October Workshops

It’s never to early to start your holiday planning!

In October, I’ll be offering several workshops that focus on holiday decor, planning and gift-making. Here’s a preview:

Star Advent Calendar Holiday Planner Tied up in Knots - The Notebook

Check out the Events and Workshops page for full details.


Dream Job

As I sit here downloading music from my favourite music site, it suddenly dawned on me: If I could dream up a crazy life for myself, you know what I’d love to do?

I’d love to be that person who matches songs to commercials, or to movie & tv scenes. Not sure what that job title is called (any ideas, anyone?), but I’m sure it’s something cool and important, like “Executive Song Matcher”.

When it’s well-done, a scene and its associated music can be brilliant. Take this example:

Or these commercials:

Or this scene from the West Wing:

Freaking brilliant.

What’s your crazy dream job?