Gifting Tom Cruise

Through The Artisan Group, a wonderful collective of artists and artisans (of which I’m a fortunate member), an amazing opportunity to gift Tom Cruise and his family recently arose. What to make?

I searched local shops for the Top Gun soundtrack on vinyl, to no avail. I found a few suppliers online, but none could guarantee delivery within my timelines. In the end, I made Tom an LP journal from a Cocktail soundtrack vinyl album that I had on hand:

He sure looks great! Do you think he’ll like his new gift?


Gifting Ginnifer Goodwin

Through my membership with The Artisan Group, an exciting opportunity recently came about – I was given a chance to send actress Ginnifer Goodwin one of my LP journals!


After some online research, I wasn’t able to find any information on her musical tastes, so in the end I decided to design a journal made from a Johnny Cash LP – since she played his first wife in the movie Walk the Line. I hope she likes it!

I apologize for the picture quality – it was taken earlier tonight in poor lighting. It’s hard taking good photos when the days are so short…