This Week: A Summary

I know I’ve been terrible at updating the blog this past year. I’ve been spending most of my time on Facebook and Twitter, to be quite honest – short status updates seem to be all I can manage on most days.

This week has seen a significant number of happy moments, so I thought I’d share a few of them here:

1. Walking home from the coffee shop last Saturday, I came across a new boutique that sells handmade goods. Went in, talked to the owner, and now she wants to see my products!

2. During one of my lunch breaks, my friend and I ran into Scott Speedman! I can confidently say that he’s extremely handsome in person…

Now I want to re-watch every season of Felicity!

3. On Wednesday night, I saw the Canadian premiere of Boy, a film by Kiwi writer/actor/director Taika Waititi. I had wanted to see it for many months and serendipitously discovered it was playing at the imagineNative film fest. What a fun coming-of-age movie! Bonus: Taika himself was there!

There was a Q&A with him after the event, which was entertaining yet fascinating. (Did you know the movie was shot in Taika’s grandmother’s house, the actual house he grew up in?)

A few more fun Taika Waititi/Boy clips:
Crazy Horses Gang Intro
Crazy Horses Gang Rules
Crazy Horses – How to Pick on People
Shogun on the Crazyhorse Name

4. I’ve been accepted to be a vendor in three craft fairs this holiday season – yikes! With the pesky day job keeping me busy traveling at events, I’ve been trying to produce a little bit every day, slowly but surely. I do have to admit – making holiday cards, books and gifts so early in the year has made me feel incredibly productive and organized!

5. Last night, my friend B. and I went to see the international premiere of Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change, a film by Inuk director Zacharius Kunuk (“Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner”) and scientist Ian Mauro. The movie documented Inuit elders (mostly hunters) from several Nunavut communities talking about the environmental changes they’ve witnessed over the past decades, and some of the stories were quite disturbing. There was a Q&A with Zach and Ian after the viewing, and the highlight of the evening was when an aggressive audience member criticized the fact that many of the observations conveyed in the film were not backed by scientific evidence. When Ian Mauro retorted that “Elders should be able to express their point of view without scientists having to validate it,” the audience applauded enthusiastically.

So much has happened this past week! Today I must focus on producing stock for the upcoming shows, since I’ll be on the road all week delivering events…