30 Days of Lists: Days 4-10

So I’ve been quite remiss with updating my progress on my 30 Days of Lists project. I’ve actually managed to stay on top of the prompts; I’ve just been terrible at updating my blog! To avoid creating one crazy long post, I’ve broken down the last two weeks’ prompts, and my interpretation of them, into two posts – here are days 4 to 10…

list 4

Day 04 #30Lists

list 5

Day 05 #30Lists

list 6Day 06 #30Lists

list 7

Day 07 #30Lists

list 8

Day 08 #30Lists

list 9

Day 09 #30Lists

list 10

Day 10 #30 Lists


30 Days of Lists: Days 1-3

I decided to try something new this month, by taking part in a month-long activity alongside other list-makers in the 30 Days of Lists Challenge. I’ve been focussing so much on work these past few months, that I needed a fun project to get my creative juices flowing again. This type of challenge is perfect for me because I am such an avid list-maker!

A total of 30 prompts is sent to participants (one per day). The challenge is to make a list based on the prompt, using whatever form or media you like.

In preparation for the challenge, I made a 5.5″x8.5″ mini binder to house all of my daily layouts. I used some beautiful paper featuring early 20th Century ladies’ fashions for the covers:

#30Lists Mini Binder


And now, the prompts – and my interpretation of them – for Days 1 through 3!

list 1


Day 1 #30Lists


list 2


Day 2 #30Lists


list 3


Day 3 #3Lists


So far, this one-page-a-day format is working perfectly for me. I need something that is quick, especially if I’m busy or tired or sick (like today). I’ve always been terrible at sticking through these types of projects for more than a few days – the OCD person in me quickly gets discourage if I miss a day and fall behind… I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself and focussing on just having fun (and maybe learning a few things about myself along the way)!

Are you taking part in the 30 Days of Lists Challenge too? If so, share the links to your layouts – I’d love to see them!

Bazaar of the Bizarre

I received some great news yesterday – I’ve been accepted as a vendor in the upcoming Bazaar of the Bizarre show on April 6! I’ve been a vendor at this show for the past few years, and it’s definitely one of the more unique and interesting shows out there – both in terms of customers and wares.

Bazaar of the Bizarre Spring 2013This year’s show will be held at a great new location – 918 Bathurst St. (@Bloor) in Toronto. About a year ago I had the pleasure of attending Kid Koala’s Space Cadet Headphone Concert at this venue, and it was one of the most fun and amazing experiences I’ve ever had. The following video gives an idea of what the show was like, but it really doesn’t capture the incredible magicalness of the experience :

Now I’ve got to get busy making stuff in preparation for the show – no excuses for me!

Introducing: LP Mini Binders

I’m so excited to share this sneek peek of my newest product: Mini-binders made from vinyl LPs! Aren’t these adorable?

LP Mini Binder

Ta Da – the new LP Mini Binder!

These beauties are made with a 1/2″ binder ring, which can hold approximately 100 sheets of 5.5″ X 8.5″ (half letter-size) paper. This standard size means that many accessories (such as the Martha Stewart Home Office™ products: zipper pouches, business card holders, etc.) fit perfectly inside this binder. Neat-o!

LP Mini Binder - Open

LP Mini Binder – Open

The front cover is made from the actual vinyl LP, whereas the cardboard album sleeve is used for the back cover. Included are also three cardboard dividers made from different album sleeves, as well as 60 sheets of paper: 20 blank pages, 20 pages of  a “Things I Should Really Get Done” checklist, and 20 pages of lined paper.

LP Mini Binder - Back Cover

LP Mini Binder – Back Cover

Now you can be the hippest, most organized person in your entire office building!

Of course, the mini binder would also look great as a scrapbook album or notebook – just sayin’…

Be sure to check out the shop for the full list of LP mini binders that are currently available.