Pandora’s Box Undone – free!

This accordion box won’t release all the evils of the world, but it will help you organize your ephemera! Use it to store mini file folders, photos or even recipes.

Intentions Lapbook – Instructions – free!

This project was published in the winter 2007 edition (page 10 of the attached file) of Scrapbook and Cards Today. Learn about lapbooks, intentions and how to make several mini-books – all in one project!


3 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Hi Papermuse,

    Thanks for this fantastic tutorial. I’ve made 3 in the past week and intend to make more as Christmas presents for this year.

    I’ve been using a strip of masking tape on the inside of the decorative paper to strengthen the area which forms the hinges of the box.

  2. Thanks for trying it out – I’m so happy it has worked so well for you!

    Great tip about using masking tape – I never would have thought of it…

    Happy crafting!

  3. I know this is an old old thread, but just having found one of your folder/lapbook layouts on Pinterest led me here…. Would love the tutorial on the Intertions lapbook, but the link does not work. Can you help me? Thank you!

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