Ode to Fall

Fall makes me giddy. It brings renewed energy, bursts of creativity, and good moods. I have been making books all afternoon. A cranberry-scented candle burns in the corner of the room as I sip lemon & ginger-flavoured tea while wearing one of my new sweaters from simons. Could life be any better? Not really, except for the fact that B is in Mexico at the moment, building an inukshuk in the sweltering heat (*snicker*). He’ll be back in 5 days though, and all will be right again.

Two weeks ago, B and I visited the McMichael Canadian Collection in Kleinburg. David Ruben, who also happens to be B’s first cousin, invited us as he was one of the artists-in-residence that weekend. Another artist-in-residence was Kenojuak Ashevak, one of Canada’s most famous Inuit artists. Her print The Enchanted Owl is her most-recognized piece of art; it was made into a stamp by Canada Post a number of years ago.

I was honoured for the opportunity to meet Kenojuak; considering her age (80), it’s surprising she still travelled all the way from Cape Dorset. Here is a photo B took of David and Kenojuak – isn’t she just adorable?



Ack! I was going to post some of my recent projects, but wordpress won’t let me… I’ll be back later to try again.


Weekend Update

This Thanksgiving is definitely going down in the history books as being the warmest on record in Toronto; at one point today it was 32 Celcius, not counting the humidity factor. Unbelievable and unbearable! Fall is my absolute favourite season, and I’m starting to despair that it will never arrive. I fear we’ll have a long long long summer, then BAM! Winter. Ugh.

I’ve spent the last few days on the road, travelling to Kingston and Ottawa for work-related purposes. B tagged along so we made a mini-vacation out of the trip. Friday night we stayed with my little brother, where I wasn’t a very gracious guest and fell asleep during the movie we rented (after a week of working madly, while desperately fighting the flu, I was pooped). Oh well. He’s family; he is required to forgive me.

Saturday morning B and I headed to Montreal, where we visited one of B’s art dealers’ new gallery. Wow. Very impressive, and things seemed to have really picked up for him in this new location right in the heart of the touristy art district. Great news for everyone involved.

Despite the short stay in Montreal (about 24 hours), there was much good food and beverages consumed, much appreciation about being served in my native tongue (French), and much shopping done at my favourite store in the world, simons. Sigh. Although my first mad trip there (45 minutes before closing) didn’t yield much of interest, my subsequent trip was much more productive. I bought 8 (!) sweaters in every colour imaginable. They are so comfy (made in part from angora)…although it looks like I won’t be able to wear them anytime soon, if this incredible heat wave holds up. Grrr.

We arrived home last night and I spent a good chunk of today cleaning my craft room, purging anything that I “might” one day use but “know” I won’t really. It felt wonderful. Tonight I worked on some swap projects (for which I’m terribly late) and on a bio for a special project that will soon be published in a national magazine (*blush*). Can’t talk about it just yet, but it’s all very exciting to a publishing newbie such as myself! I’ll keep you posted…

All in all, it was a great weekend. Although the stay in Ottawa and Montreal was much too short, I needed to get away even for a little while. I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the upcoming week, which I know is going to be insane at work.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!