Star Book Workshop: May 26

If you’re in Toronto next weekend and looking for something fun to do, I’ll be teaching a bookbinding workshop at Wise Daughters Craft Market in the Junction. This is the class project:

advent calendar bookbinding

This particular book was turned into an advent calendar – the 12 panels each fit two mini-pockets, making it perfect for this purpose!

If you’re interested in learning how to make this type of book (there are still a few spots left!), but at a loss for ideas on what you can do with it, I’ve gathered a few examples.

First up is a star book I made a few years ago for an online swap. My swap partner loved Frida Khalo, so I made her colourful paintings the theme of the book:

You can read my blog post and see more photos of  this book here.

Next up, a circus sideshow-themed book by Courtney Autumn Martin that is simply stunning! I love how the book is in the shape of a big top and so colourful.

Another artist whose work I love is Andrea Dezso – here is a carousel book that she illustrated and made:

Although this isn’t exactly the same binding style as the star book workshop I’ll be teaching, it can easily be adapted for a similar result.

Other possible uses for this type of book:

  • Travel journal – my last few travel journals were accordion books, but star books are definitely on my list…
  • Sketchbook – cut pieces of watercolour paper to the appropriate size, paint or sketch on them, and bind them afterwards
  • Art book – it doesn’t have to have a practical purpose – sometimes it’s just fun to look at a pretty book! I’ve been dreaming of making a Muppet-inspired book one of these days…