Coming Soon: Eco Books Review

I sit here tonight perusing the newly published Eco Books: Inventive Projects from the Recycling Bin, drooling overĀ  photos of some very cool handmade books. I need to select a few projects to try out, but what to choose when everything is so darn awesome?

Stay tuned for some recycled bookbinding goodness…


Feeling Blue…

It’s been a sad few days – I recently found out that Urban Scrapyard, the creative shop where I’ve been teaching workshops for nearly three years, will be closing by the end of this week.

My first encounter with Angela (the owner) was very serendipitous – I’d driven by her store countless times, and although I had never scrapbooked (I still don’t!), I was intrigued by all the funky paper displayed in the storefront window. One day, I decided to walk in and my life changed. I left the store with a ton of new paper and a request to teach bookbinding workshops! (In my sheer excitement, later that day I sliced my finger with a craft knife, came out of the emergency ward with numerous stitches on my finger and was pretty much useless for 5 weeks.)

I had just moved to Toronto and didn’t know anyone here yet. I was aching to meet other creative souls with interests similar to mine, and I found so many of them at Urban Scrapyard. Angela, Rozanne, Alex, June, Melanie…and these were just the staff!

A loyal group of customers followed many of my classes, and I became friends with many of them. I have often fed off their ideas and questions and requests – they have made me a better instructor and a better artist, without a doubt.

It saddens me to think it’s all coming to an end so soon. I only hope the dream can be revived one day.

One serendipitous day.

I’ll miss ya.