I’ve been on the road for the past two days, travelling from Toronto to New Brunswick. I was really looking forward to this road trip – I love driving on the open highway, singing to music blaring on the stereo, even though I usually make the long trip by myself. I especially love having my satellite radio for these road trips – I can listen to 80s music, all the time, if I so choose. 🙂

Except that this road trip coincided with one of the hottest summers on record for Ontario, and within minutes of hitting the road…I discovered that the air conditioning in my car wasn’t working properly. A few minutes of cool air would be followed with loooooong stretches of hot air blowing into the car (and onto me). Bloody h*ell! This meant driving almost 9 hours in the heat with the front windows wise open, which of course completely tangled my easily-tangled hair. First world pains, I know…but still pretty annoying.

I had the good sense to pre-book a hotel room in Québec City last night – I haven’t stayed there overnight in many years, so this was a great treat. I arrived just in time for dinner, so I walked around Old Québec until I found something interesting. (Read: I picked one of the few restaurants that didn’t have a long lineup.) A nice dinner followed by an even nicer gelato and long walk, and I was ready for bed!

This morning I had a leisurely double americano at the Brûlerie Saint-Roch – a great little coffee house with lots of character – before heading to the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (Québec’s provincial art gallery). They have a fascinating exhibit on surrealist women artists in Mexico and the US, which included several paintings by Frida Khalo. I’m so glad I caught the exhibit before it ends in just a few weeks…

Then it was time to hit the road again for the last leg of the journey. Thankfully, it was cooler the further east I drove so the heat was much more bearable. Finally arrived at my parents’ home around dinner time, and I’ve been relaxing all evening. I think it’ll be another early night to bed.

I’m too tired to write any longer tonight (13.5 hours of driving in two days will do that to you), but I look forward to sharing some photos of Québec City in tomorrow’s post…

P.S. You may notice that I broke the 30-day challenge by not posting anything yesterday. True enough. But I did write a post yesterday using my smartphone’s WordPress app for the first time. Unfortunately I kept getting a network error every time I tried posting anything (including photos). Now that I have access to a computer, yesterday’s update doesn’t even appear in my drafts…grrr.


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