In a fantastic mood right now because I am officially ON VACATION for the next two weeks – woo hoo!

I thought I’d share a few thrilling performances to go perfectly with my mood.

This first clip goes to show that you can make the best of any situation, no matter where you are. These are prisoners at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre dancing to a choreographed version of MJ’s Thriller:

Those who know me well know about my slight obsession with anything created by or featuring Taika Waititi. This video is part of the closing credits of the 2010 coming-of-age film Boy – Taika (as MJ) and the other stars of the film mix Thriller Haka moves with the Maori-language song, Poi E. Flippin’ brilliant!

And finally – Buckingham Palace Guards having fun with what would otherwise be pretty mind-numbing work:

Now if only I could find a copy of my figure skating club’s 1984 end-of-year show…we performed a Thriller number (complete with dry ice and full makeup and costumes) and it was awesome!

Happy Friday – enjoy!


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