Tuesday Tunes: Hawksley Workman

I discovered Hawksley Workman several years ago when a friend sent me a mix CD that included the song Jealous of your Cigarette. Not only is it a fantastic song, its music video is just so much fun:

Did you notice that the entire video was filmed in a single sequence? Yah. Freakin’ amazing.

Hawksley definitely lives on the eccentric side of the street, but he is incredibly creative and prolific –  not only as a singer-songwriter, but also as a producer (working with Great Big Sea, Serena Ryder, Hey Rosetta!, and Tegan and Sara, amongst others).

Another of my favourite songs of his – Warhol’s Portrait of Gretzky – was released on the 2010 album Milk (warning: strong language):

I has the pleasure of seeing Hawksley perform in December as the Vinyl Cafe Christmas tour’s invited guest (an interesting choice for Stuart McLean). He definitely has a cabaret flair about him, but he is quite entertaining. And man, that voice.

Finally, here is a slower, sadder (but just as beautiful song) – Autumn’s Here:

For some reason, this song gets to me every time. Love it.


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