Craft Fair Prepping

Now that the madness has FINALLY subdued at my pesky day job [at least for a few months], I’m super excited about focusing on Papermuse Designs activities and other personal projects (i.e. my upcoming art retreat in Italy!) over the spring and summer.

I’ve been busy making lots of items for the Movies and Makers show next weekend. Head over to the Movies and Makers blog to read an interview with me! If you’re planning to attend the show, you can expect lots of movie and musical soundtrack LP journals, in addition to the usual fare (70’s & 80’s LP journals, LP coasters). I also plan to introduce one or two new products, if I can make enough in time for the show!

There’s still so much left to do for the show, and so little time left to get it done:

    – Design, print and deliver coupons for the grab bags
    – Pick up small change at the bank [for the float]
    – Make a few more of each item
    – Prepare inventory and pricing list
    – Make a special business card holder
    – Wash and iron the table covers

…and that’s just for THIS show. I have several other projects on the go right now [including some very BIG news – an announcement will be made very soon!).


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