Cool New Product: LP Folios

Once in a while I’ll receive an inquiry from someone asking if I accept custom orders. About two months ago, I received such a message from Hunter Residential Developments in Calgary. They were preparing to launch Coventry Station, a condominium development in North Central Calgary and were looking for unique packaging to hold official documents going to new buyers. They asked if I could create a prototype to their specifications, while somehow integrating a vinyl record in the design.

Now, I love creative challenges and was thrilled to be given this great opportunity! After a few trials and errors, I came up with the following design for an LP folio:

The folio can hold up to 1″ of documentation, and because I use the actual album sleeve, it’s quite sturdy. I covered the front cover LP label with a Coventry Station sticker, but the one on the inside cover was left intact, so you can see which album was actually used! What makes these folios most exciting [to me, at least] is that each and every one of them is one-of-a-kind!

The client also commissioned me to create a binder for their showroom [keeping a similar look]. It proved to be a much greater challenge figuring out how to keep the “essence” of the vinyl record while shaping it into a book/binder that would be sturdy enough for lots of handling. This is what I finally came up with – I used post binding so that the client could add extra pages, if needed:

I thoroughly enjoyed the creative problem-solving process for both these items. Back when I used to teach classes at my local scrapbooking store, I’d have to come up with new projects every month. I now realize how much I miss finding innovative and creative solutions to issues or problems!


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