Tuesday Tunes: The Phoenix Foundation

I’ve had an obsession with all things Kiwi for some time now. It started with Flight of the Conchords, then progressed to the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, Neil Finn, Taika Waititi, Age Pryor, and most recently, The Phoenix Foundation. New Zealand has produced some pretty kick-ass, creative types, all of which seem to have an awesome, quirky sense of humour.

The Phoenix Foundation has numerous connections to writer/director/artist Taika Waititi. Several of the band’s songs can be found on soundtracks for Waititi’s two feature-length films, Eagle vs. Shark and Boy. I love the dream-like quality of many of their pop melodies – they remind me of happier versions of Great Lake Swimmers or Arcade Fire songs.

The video for Going Fishing [from the band’s debut album, Horsepower] contains hilarious clips from Eagle vs. Shark [which stars Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords fame, in case you hadn’t recognized him]:

40 Years was directed by and also stars Taika Waititi. I love how it was filmed in one long, single shot:

And finally, a video for Pot, from The Phoenix Foundation’s most recent album, Buffalo:



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