Film Friday – Here’s Hockey!

What better way to celebrate the start of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics – Here’s Hockey, a 1953 short film directed by Leslie McFarlane, showcases Canada’s national pastime:

Taken from the NFB website:

Featuring Jean Beliveau, this short film focuses on hockey from the inside out. Known as Canada’s national pastime, this film demonstrates why hockey is such an exciting spectator sport. From east to west, the connection between fans and players is evident in the excited cries of “we’ve won!” From Pee-Wee to Bantam, from the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association to the big league pros, Here’s Hockey! shows what it takes to make a great hockey player.

My, how things have changed –

1952: The highest salary was paid to Jean Belliveau ($25,000)

2010: The highest salary is paid to Vincent Lecavalier ($10 million – only because no player can earn more than $11.36 million)


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