New Feature: Film Friday – Every Child

I’ve been so completely enamoured by the National Film Board’s collection of Canadian films that I’ve decided to create a new weekly feature on this blog. Every Friday, I will share a gem discovered in the vaults of the NFB website.

For this inaugural Film Friday Feature, I’d like to introduce Every Child, directed by Eugene Fedorenko:

Taken from the NFB website:

Watch Eugene Fedorenko’s animated short about an unwanted baby who is passed from house to house until he is taken in and cared for by two homeless men. The film is the Canadian contribution to an hour-long feature film celebrating the Year of the Child. It illustrates one of the ten principles of the Declaration of Children’s Rights, that every child is entitled to a name and a nationality. Winner of the 1979 Academy Award® for Best Animated Short Film.

It’s a humourous, yet deeply touching film. I love the dog in this animated short – he starts out as being very selfish and needy, but as time goes by sheds a tear when no one wants to care for the poor child.


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