Only 6.5 Hrs To Go…

After a series of unfortunate events (nearly getting killed TWICE in as many days – first, by tumbling down the stairs and then by an idiot driver on the highway who neglected to check his blind spot), resulting in a painful and badly swollen ankle, I’ve chosen to spend a quiet, restful new year’s eve at home, by myself, safe from danger. No stairs or crazy drivers here, no sirree.

My new buddy will be here to keep me company:

That’s Crosley. He not only plays vinyl records, he converts them into digital files. Yah. He’s that amazing. And considering how many LPs I have lying around here, he’s gonna be busy for the next little while.

Where to start? That’s easy!

Followed by these guys…

There will be lotsa happiness goin’ ’round tonight. What else will be happening? Perhaps a little Pride and Prejudice action (the BBC/Colin Firth version). Along with some art journaling (I want to finish up a few travel journals that have gone incomplete for way too long…).

What are your plans for this evening?


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