Being Sick Has Its Benefits…

I stayed home all weekend nursing a nasty cold, which meant I had lots of time on my hands. Perhaps too much.

As a result, I watched all 9 episodes of glee. Within 24 hours. Oh, but what joy! [Will I burn in hell if I admit that Sue Sylvester is my favourite character? The gems that come out of her mouth are shocking – but so, so hilarious!] For days, all I’ve wanted to do is sing and dance to Journey and REO Speedwagon… is that wrong?

Being sick also allowed me to make these beauties (while watching the aforementioned tv program):

Chunky books made from beer coasters! Can I tell you just how much I love these books?!!

I also spent time playing at Rollip (a fantastic site recommended by the lovely Shanley). It allows you to transform your digital photos into Polaroids – how freaking cool is that? For example:

BEFORE: Me and my *imaginary* boyfriend Jim Cuddy at the Jackson-Triggs Winery this summer (notice what he’s holding in his hand – one of my LP journals!).

AFTER: Again, how cool is this?!! [I actually prefer this photo to the original one.] I could easily spend hours and hours on this site…

This weekend I also discovered an amazing online magazine: Modern Handmade Child

If you’re into living simply, handmade gifts, crafting, and stunning photography and design, this magazine is for you. The Winter issue is chock-full of ideas and projects to try – and they’re not all centered around kids, as the title would imply. I am childless and have found so many items that appeal to my crafty, inner child…

Hope you’re enjoying your week so far – happy Monday!


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