Spring Schming

Should’ve known I’d jinx it…mention spring and it disappears immediately. Argh.

Yesterday: 11C (52F) and warm, bright sunshine on a cloudless, carefree day.

Today: OC (32F) and a miserable, slushy snowstorm. Sigh.

To cheer myself up tonight, I’ll be watching a few episodes of these guys:

Flight of the Conchords are my newest obsession – and I don’t even watch TV! However, I’ve managed to watch every episode of season 2 (and a few of season 1) online. And now a co-worker has just lent me her DVD of season 1. Woo hoo – It’s Business Time!

They’re playing at Massey Hall later this month – the show is sold out, but I’m determined to find tickets somehow, somewhere. Got a few tricks up my sleeve yet…wish me luck!


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