Humble Me

The past week or so have been full of frustration and despair – I’ve been on vacation for nearly two weeks, of which I’ve been sick for the past 10 days with a fever, cold sweats, extreme fatigue, coughing fits and even laryngitis (I haven’t been able to speak in 8 days!).

Plans to spend my vacation time painting, cleaning and preparing my new loft apartment have gone to hell. I haven’t even had the energy to start culling/organizing my stuff for the big move. There is no way I’ll ever be ready to move out by June 1st.

Although this past week has been frustrating for me, it has also been a humbling experience. As someone who is always planning, making to-do lists, organizing, etc. every aspect of my life, I had no control over my body or my health this past week. When I tried to push myself while I wasn’t completely healed, I suffered a major relapse. Someone is definitely telling me I need to sit down and rest. I think it’s about time I listen.

And so for the past several days, no new projects have been created in this household. I’ve had to sit still and watch movies, surf the ‘net, or read (I’m now re-reading one of my all-time favourite novels, “Possession” by A.S. Byatt). Anytime I’d attempt any amount of physical work, a hacking-up-a-lung coughing fit would start.

I finally get it. Sit still. Relax. Enjoy the down time.

I have the rest of my life to get things done.


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