Snow, Snow, Go Away…

I thought it was a brilliant idea. To visit my parents in New Brunswick for a few days. I hadn’t been home in almost 1 1/2 years, so it was a long overdue trip.

I checked the weather forecast. I checked the road conditions forecast. Some rain, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

So B and I packed out bags and headed out on our road trip, full of cheer and anticipation.

Then WHAM!

What was that, you ask?

Snow, snow, and more snow. A snow storm on the two-day trip there. Another neverending snow storm during our three days in NB. Shacked up in my parents’ house, unable to go anywhere. Not to the mall. Not to visit family. Not to visit long-lost friends.

As if things weren’t bad enough, B’s severe allergies to my parents’ cats took a turn for the worse. He suffered horribly and thought he would end up staying in a hotel. I thought he would end up staying in a hospital. Neither event happened, thankfully.

Here’s proof of the trip:

nb-snow1.jpg  nb-snow2.jpg  nb-snow3.jpg

Look closely at the third picture – you might just find a house hidden behind it…

The few good things that happened during this trip:

– spending time with my parents

– eating lobster (yum!)

– a visit with my friends for two measly hours. Yup, a bummer, but at least I got to see them for a quick brunch.

Mercifully, the sun came out on the last day of our travel back to Toronto. Redemption, at last.

Until today. When we received yet more snow. Mixed in with rain. Argh.


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