Baby Steps

Taking baby steps every day to try and get through the craziness at work…having a nice glass of red wine with dinner…eating a proper, healthy dinner…taking a long, hot bath while reading a good book…and forcing myself to create something, anything, no matter how tired I am:


Taking these small steps is already improving my mood and outlook, even though I am physically and mentally exhausted from the lack of sleep and long, long days (and too-short nights). I tell myself it’s temporary; in one month I’ll have balance in my life again, so I must keep my head high and plug along.


This is a ribbon-hinged album I made during a private workshop I taught a week ago – I love black and white with a touch of colour. The inside pages are black – I’m thinking of painting the pages with splashes of bright acrylic paint. Still need to figure out what the purpose of this book will be:


And finally, this is a photo album I made as a thank-you gift. I had envisioned it in my head, and it turned out pretty much as planned. I’m very happy with this great, little chunky book:

ribbon-photo-album.jpg   ribbon-photo-album-open.jpg

Looking forward to creating more – I can feel a number of projects bubbling inside slowly, waiting to be released…there’s hope yet.


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