Ode to Fall

Fall makes me giddy. It brings renewed energy, bursts of creativity, and good moods. I have been making books all afternoon. A cranberry-scented candle burns in the corner of the room as I sip lemon & ginger-flavoured tea while wearing one of my new sweaters from simons. Could life be any better? Not really, except for the fact that B is in Mexico at the moment, building an inukshuk in the sweltering heat (*snicker*). He’ll be back in 5 days though, and all will be right again.

Two weeks ago, B and I visited the McMichael Canadian Collection in Kleinburg. David Ruben, who also happens to be B’s first cousin, invited us as he was one of the artists-in-residence that weekend. Another artist-in-residence was Kenojuak Ashevak, one of Canada’s most famous Inuit artists. Her print The Enchanted Owl is her most-recognized piece of art; it was made into a stamp by Canada Post a number of years ago.

I was honoured for the opportunity to meet Kenojuak; considering her age (80), it’s surprising she still travelled all the way from Cape Dorset. Here is a photo B took of David and Kenojuak – isn’t she just adorable?



Ack! I was going to post some of my recent projects, but wordpress won’t let me… I’ll be back later to try again.


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