Seeing Stars…But Not The Paper Kind

Yesterday morning on my way to work I I had a surprise encounter with Mark McKinney of Kids in the Hall and Saturday Night Live fame. Not exactly a household name, but for someone who grew up obsessed with KITH, I was starstruck. At first I wasn’t sure that it was actually him (he looks older than I imagined him to be) and so I couldn’t stop staring… I wish I wasn’t so darn shy so I could walk up to him and say hi. I’ve met a number of celebrities over the years, but don’t have any photos or autographs to show for it because of my immense fear of looking like a dork. Sigh.

Last Saturday night I had the opportunity to see another of my fave celebrities: Mike Ford of Moxy Fruvous fame. I’ve mentioned my love for Moxy Fruvous in past posts, and my sadness at their now playing together as a group anymore. The show was a benefit concert held on Ward’s Island, one of Toronto’s islands just across from its harbourfront. B and I were excited about the ferry ride over to the island, we we’d never been there.

This is a shot of Toronto harbour taken from Ward’s Island:

When we landed, the show didn’t start for a while yet so we decided to explore the place. It’s very picturesque, with cottage-like homes (worth millions of dollars!). We came across a small beach where we found this piece of installation art:

Mike gave a great performance – I absolutely love his sense of humour and the playful songs that he writes. He even came over and greeted B and me during the intermission (he and B distantly know each other), which was thrilling for me. Fifteen years ago I’d have never thought I’d not only be meeting one of the members of Moxy Fruvous, but that my partner would befriend him! Very cool indeed…!

In bookbinding news…
I am very proud to say that this past Saturday, I taught my first male student! Teaching classes in a scrapbooking store, I can imagine how intimidating it must be for men to take a class there, even though I’m absolutely convinced that many of them would love bookbinding if they gave it a chance. Well, I’m happy to note that my student thoroughly enjoyed the experience and has vowed to come to my other classes. Yay!

And for an update on the bookcloth-making fiasco… I finally did manage to make a few half-decent sheets of bookcloth, although the PVA glue did seep through it in some parts. I’m not entirely happy with the final results, but it is much better than the first few sheets I attempted to make.

At first I had tried ironing a product called “Therm O Web – HeatnBond” onto the back of the fabric but that didn’t work. Not sure if I or the product was the problem…

I’ve since received some hints on making bookcloth from the ever-kind-and-helpful Astrid. And based on the amazing books she makes, I think I’d be crazy not to follow her advice! I’ll keep you posted on my future bookcloth-making adventures!


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