A Little Inspiration

It continues to be unbearably hot and humid here in Toronto – I haven’t even looked at my paper or projects this week. I can’t even bear the thought of doing anything more than lying on the sofa in front of a fan or sleeping in our cool basement.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about projects and ideas – there are many stirring around in my little blonde head… I just can’t execute any of them because of the heat…

Since I still don’t have anything to show off to you, here is a little inspiration – hopefully it’s not as hot in your neck of the woods and you might just get something accomplished:

Cardboard Folding – in case you’re in need of cheap furniture
Magazine Box Tutorial – should you want a box made of magazines
Book Sculptures – what to do with all those old library books you forgot to return
One Little Word – for all those scrapbookers and art journallers (like me) looking for one-word inspiration
Jennifer Collier’s shoes – because a woman can never have too many shoes

Enjoy – I’ll be back as soon as the weather cooperates!


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