I Never Learn…

One thing most good instruction books tell you is when you’re making a new type of book for the first time, always make a maquette from scrap papers first; that way if you make mistakes or need to make adjustments, you’re not wasting your good papers.

Do I ever follow these instructions? Noooooo……

And so I’ve spent approximately $20 on paper to make a star book that doesn’t quite form into a star shape…

star-book2.jpg star-book3.jpg

Here’s what it looks like closed:


Don’t get me wrong – I love how it looks, the colour combinations, the way it fans out, etc. It’s just that it’s supposed to completely fan out so that the covers touch each other. You see, I couldn’t find instructions for this book, so I carefully studied several photos until I had it figured out… I got it right for the most part, and it would take only a bit of tweaking for it to be perfect, but in the meantime I’ve spent a good chunk of money on a book that won’t open properly. And I can’t take it apart to redo it.

Lesson (grudgingly) learned.

However, I do believe I’ll send out this book for a swap I’m participating in on Swap-Bot. The challenge is to make a book that is MORE than a book, something that is interesting and interactive. I think this will fit the bill perfectly if I add a few pockets and some tags…

On Saturday I took part in my very first Crafternoon Tea at nathalie-roze & co. Although I didn’t sell tons, it was a worthwhile experience nonetheless – I got to promote my books to a very interesting and interested crowd, and I was able to meet and mingle with some pretty cool crafters, namely le petit pig and soap scum. I never cease to be amazed by the sheer amount of talent and creativity out there – it’s very inspiring and makes me want to try so many new projects…except the pesky new day job keeps getting in the way…and yet it’s the pesky new day job that allows me to finance the new projects. It’s a sad, sad situation, I know.


One thought on “I Never Learn…

  1. Hi papermuse,

    that is a lovely object. BTW, lately I found a starbook tutorial at a museum site (www.sdmart.org/pix/starbook.pdf) but I haven’t tried it out so far.

    What I wonder – how can you use starbooks? Are they just beautiful book objects, or can you use them for journaling or album purposes?


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