I Love My Swaps

A few months ago I joined Swap-bot, a site where one can take part in swaps based on one’s interests. Some of the organized swaps are very eclectic and interesting… So far I’ve taken part in 4 or 5 swaps, mostly around the theme of handmade journals and/or handmade items.

I’ve been enjoying it so much that I’ve decided to create a swap of my own. Check it out:

Lazy Days of Summer Swap

It’s free to sign up, so if you’re interested, join in the fun! Also, check out the other available swaps – they’re very inspiring and there’s something for everyone.

For the last swap in which I participated (Anti-Stress Kit #2) I got a great package that included:

– A fabulous handmade scented eye pillow
– High lather moisture wash soap (ginger and verbena scented – yum!)
– A gingerbread man emery board
– A matchbook of incense
– A Rufus Wainwright sampler CD from Barnes & Noble (we can’t get it here in Canada, and I love Rufus!)

I’m definitely less stressed, looking at my fabulous stash!


2 thoughts on “I Love My Swaps

  1. what a cool idea! i already googled for similar swaps in germany, but it seems they haven’t crossed atlantic yet …

  2. Thanks, bookarat! I love swaps but hate when they’re closed to certain areas; that’s why I chose to make my swap international, even though it may cost a bit more in the end… I hope you’ll join!

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