Note to Self:

Next time, don’t wait until the grass is waist-high before you decide to cut it. Otherwise, a job that should take you 15 minutes ends up taking over 1.5 hours, with mediocre results. This is what I’m talking about:


The bottom part is what I managed to cut last night, when I finally got around to putting the lawn mover together. The middle part of the picture is halfway through the process, when I’ve only gone over it once with the mower. The back part is really about waist high, and was torture to get through. But I persevered, dammit, and paved a path of destruction. Which is exactly what it looks like.

One happy thing that happened during the lawn-mowing episode was a huge flock of Canada geese flying right above me. It was awesome; there must have been about 30 of them and they were flying so low that I could clearly see their underbellies… I was surprised to see them as it’s quite late in the year for them to be in the area. B would have loved it; however, he is currently up north hunting snow geese as I write this…

Okay, I have to show my true colours here: GO SENS GO!!! I can’t believe they finally made it to the finals! When I lived in Ottawa, I had the amazing opportunity to organize a few events with the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, back in 1999 to 2001 or so. Believe it or not, back then Yashin was COOL and much loved by the Sens fans… Incredibly enough, I was even invited to a private ceremony once to launch the 1999-2000 season, and managed to win a jersey autographed by THE WHOLE TEAM! I can only imagine how much it’s worth to collectors… When people asked me where I got the jersey, I used to joke that I dated the whole team. Some people actually believed me.

Anyway, I wish the Sens best of luck during the playoff finals. They certainly deserve to win the Stanley Cup, especially if I’m going out of my way to actually WATCH a game BY MYSELF. You must understand this: I live with a hockey nut who will watch this sport every single night and will not shut up about it. He can bore me for hours and hours talking about why the Toronto Maple Leafs’ general manager should be fired. So much so that I’ve decided to boycott all games (except, of course, those involving the Sens in the finals).

Another anecdote about brushes with celebritydom: You know Jon Dore, Ben Mulroney’s annoying sidekick on Canadian Idol? He was a waiter at my local pub just before he got the Idol gig. He actually served me and my roommate one day, and flirted shamelessly with both of us. We thought we were in love…until I saw him on Idol and he annoyed the crap out of me. I can’t believe I even considered him the slightest bit attractive! What was I thinking???


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