I Hate My Lawn

You wouldn’t know it by the lack of posts here, but I haven’t dropped from the face of the earth. I’ve just been busy enjoying my time alone at home (B’s gone to visit family up North for a few weeks), catching up on reading and sleep, and making books. It feels really great to just be able to enjoy the creative process again, when I’m not under pressure or deadline to make books, or when I’m too tired to even think straight.

So here are the results of my creative endeavours – first are a new book format I am truly loving: refillable notebooks:

refill-notebook.jpg refill-open.jpg

I loved them so much, I made some out of LPs, of course!

lp-refill-notebook.jpg lp-refill-open.jpg

All the above books have been getting excellent reactions from those around me; it even looks like I’ll be teaching how to make this project next month. Good stuff!

I taught a few workshops this week, and here are the results:


I had such a great time with my workshop students this week; because they were smaller classes, we weren’t as worried about everyone finishing on time and so wee able to chat. One student had me laughing so hard – it seems she was at the same baseball game that B and I went to a few weeks ago (see this post). Not only that, but she was sitting right in front of the Killers, only she had no idea who they were. She was desperately trying to avoid the photographers and tv cameras, all the while trying to figure out who these guys were. So she was (discretely, so she thought) typing a text message to a friend, asking: “Who are the Killers?”, when one of the band members tapped her on the shoulder and calmly said: “We’re a musical group.” Ha!

My workshop student have so keenly embraced bookbinding that it’s actually caused a bit of a problem… It seems that they’ve been making so many of the ribbon-hinged albums at home that all the local Loomis art supplies stores have run out of the basic book cloth colours! I’ve created a monster! I’m thrilled, of course, only that means I myself don’t have a cheap, local supply of book cloth. So I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find a new source. I believe I’ve found a good one; my order from them should arrive next week, so I’ll give an update then…

As I mentioned earlier, B is away for a few weeks so I’ve had the house to myself. Which also means that I have to take care of all the household stuff by myself. Like cutting the grass. Having lived in an appartment for the past 15 years, I’ve never had to deal with cutting the grass. So last week I went out and bought a lawn mower, one of the manual ones because we don’t have a huge lawn. Except that I now have to put it together, which is the last thing I feel like doing when I get home from a long day at work or during the very little free time I have on the weekend. So I’ve been procrastinating…so much so that one day I came home from work to find that an anonymous stranger had cut our front lawn. It seems that one of the neighbours must have been more embarassed by it than I was… Ouch. You must understand, we live on a street with impeccable lawns…those Greeks really care for their grass.

So the front lawn has been taken care of, but the back is a whole other issue. I’m weary just looking at it (something I can’t avoid, as the computer is right beside the window overlooking it). I really can’t avoid it much longer; I’m afraid the neighbours will call the city officials or something… Yikes.


One thought on “I Hate My Lawn

  1. I rent a duplex, so someone else is supposed to take care of the lawn. However, last year the ownership of the house changed hands and no one cut the grass for almost an entire year! We had small tree-weeds growing in our back yard! (I think a kind neighbor took care of the little bit of lawn out front.)

    Can you share the link of the online source for book cloth you’re trying out? I spent a little time looking for a place, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for and there are so many options!

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