7 Facts…

Okay, so this has been going around the blogsphere so I thought I’d join in the fun. Here are seven random, little-known facts about me:

1. I have met Prince Charles and Princess Diana. And I have the photographic evidence to prove it. I met them on their tour of Canada in 1983, when I was a Brownie. Just as Diana walked by me, a photographer took a photo and it was published in a souvenir magazine.

2. There’s a Harlequin romance novel whose heroine has the exact same name as me (same spelling too, which is unusual). No, she’s not based on me (I think). The book is called Single, Sexy…and Sold! by Vicki Lewis Thompson. I have a copy of the book, though I haven’t read it (not for lack of trying, though).

3. I have worked with the World’s Strongest Man. I hired Hugo Girard, Canada’s Strongest Man since 1999 (and one-time World Champion), to give strength demonstrations during a Canada Day event I organized a few years ago. Not surprisingly, his activity was one of the most popular that day. During meetings with him, I would stare at his arms the whole time – his biceps are 22 inches in diameter. Amazing. I was even going to help Hugo organize the Canadian Strongman Championships, until the project fell through because of stupid people who didn’t have a vision. (Yes, I’m still bitter about the whole affair, and I’m sure Hugo is too). Hugo is one of the gentlest, kindest people I have ever met, and I hope to one day reconnect with him in my event-planning adventures.

4. I hate getting my hands dirty. That’s why it’s hard for me to eat ribs or wings, or even lobster, my favourite food in the world. I probably also explains why I don’t garden. Even getting glue on my hands while bookbinding irritates me, so I always keep a wet rag nearby so I can wipe them off quickly.

5. I loooooove Kraft Singles cheese slices. (Even though they’re not made of real cheese.) A grilled cheese sandwich just isn’t the same with real cheddar cheese – it has to have the creamy, gooey processed goodness that only Kraft can provide. As a rule, I try to choose natural foods over processed ones, but not when it comes to the Singles. No sirree…

6. I have a horrible memory when it comes to books I’ve read or movies I’ve seen. I have a fantastic memory when it comes to names, faces, numbers, or random, useless facts. But ask me what last night’s movie was about, and I’m completely blank. I couldn’t even explain what my favourite book in the world (Fall on your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald) is about, even though I’ve read it at least three times.

7. I hate clowns. My mother once told me that as a child I was once scared by a clown car that made a loud bang and startled me. Thirty years later, I’m still wary of them. I’ve had to hire many clowns in my career as an event planner, and I’ve always found them difficult to work with. I would freak out every time they showed up at my office IN FULL COSTUME for a business meeting. I’m absolutely convinced that all clowns are insane (to varying degrees).

So there you have it. I know I’m strange. But it could be worse, I guess.

I could be a clown.


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