Melancholy Musings…

Sunday afternoon I went to see the new movie Waitress with my friend C. I had never heard of the film, but she really wanted to see it because a) it looked good and b) the director gained cult status due to her tragic death before the film came out.

It seems that Adrienne Shelly, who not only directed the film, but also wrote the screenplay and played a part in the movie, was murdered by a construction worker when she complained about the noise he was making in the apartment below her. If that wasn’t bad enough, he (an illegal immigrant) then hung her body from a shower rod to make it look like a suicide.

Not knowing that Adrienne was also in the movie before I saw it, I was able to enjoy it (and her performance) for what it was. Otherwise I would have been so fixated on the fact that she is no longer here, I’m not sure I could have appreciated it as much.

I highly recommend this film – it’s certainly a chick flick, but I think even a few guys will enjoy it…


C, the friend with whom I saw the movie, has had her own tragedy to deal with recently. Her brother passed away last week at the age of 33. It was a senseless death, really, the result of a freak accident during an epilepsy seizure.

When I received her email on Friday night telling of her brother’s death, it unleashed a flood of memories – of my own brother’s death. Although my friend C and I now live in Toronto, we were actually roomates in Ottawa when I got the news of my brother’s death, and she was there to help me deal with everything. It’s sad and ironic that we now share something else in common.

My brother’s death was also senseless and preventable; he was a schizophrenic who chose not to take his medications. Unfortunately his personal demons continued to harass him and when he couldn’t deal with the strange voices talking to him anymore, he took his own life. May 20 will be the third anniversary of his death.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Mario, Dan and Adrienne.


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