I’m (Kinda) Famous!

If you live in Toronto (or anywhere in Canada with a good newsstand), pick up today’s copy of the Toronto Star. Take out the Shopping section (discard the rest if you so desire), and flip to page 6. This is what you’ll find:


Yeah, those are my LP books in the bottom left corner. How cool is that?!! (Unfortunately this article doesn’t seem to be on the online version of the Star, hence the bad photo).

I received an email from nathalie-roze & co earlier this week about a columnist for the Star possibly mentioning my books in one of her articles for Earth Day. I really didn’t want to get my hopes up too high, in case it didn’t happen.

When I rushed out to buy the paper this morning and found the article, I was flabbergasted – never did I expect my books to be so prominently displayed! Wow!

nathalie-roze is anticipating an increased demand in my books as a result of this amazing (free) exposure, so I’ve set aside today and part of tomorrow to produce, produce, produce!


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