Happy Happy Joy Joy

This whole weekend has flown by – I’m in a bit of a panic because there’s so much to do before I start my new job in a week. Yikes!

Friday night I attended Urban Scrapyard‘s first anniversary VIP reception, where I taught a make & take project for the attendees. These ladies were so much fun – they really know how to have a good time! I’m glad to note that I seem to have converted a few of the hard-core scrapbookers to the dark side of bookbinding! Several mentioned that they were surprised at how easy it was to make the project, as it seemed very complicated to them. Others asked me about my workshops, so I’m hoping to have inspired a few new people to join them… At the end of the evening, the Scrapyard ladies, Angela and Rozanne, gave out individual awards to EACH and EVERY person there – talk about dedication to their loyal customers! As their new resident bookbinder, I received “Urban Scrapyard’s Tightest Bindings Award”, which came as a complete surprise to me! If only they knew how much I appreciate them as well…

I’ve been hard at work making stuff for the past two days -I’m exhausted, but in a really good way. Yesterday I spend several hours preparing six record books (cutting and filing records, folding papers, piercing holes, preparing thread, etc.), and sewed three of them before bed. There’s a variety of music for all tastes: Bay City Rollers, Simon & Garfunkel, Sesame Street, Bee Gees, Luba, and even Frank Zappa!


This morning I sewed the remaining three books while watching one of my all-time favourite movies, The Sound of Music… in French. Since moving to the GTA a little over a year ago, for the first time in my life I don’t speak French on a daily basis. It often feels like every language but French is spoken in Toronto, so I have no one to chat with in my native tongue. I normally would not have watched La mélodie du bonheur (the movie title in French), as I usually prefer to watch a movie in its original language, but I actually quite enjoyed it. It was a nice change, although hearing the songs other than in English was a bit strange…

This afternoon and evening I produced three accordion boxes – these require a great deal of precision and focus, but if done right, are functional AND gorgeous:

3-boxes.jpg open-box.jpg

Don’t you love when you visualize a project in your head, but the final result is so much better than you could have hoped? That’s exactly how I feel about these boxes…

Thankfully I had chocolate-covered ginger to sustain my energy level! Maybe too much so – I somehow managed to get some glue in my hair, although I have no idea how that happened… Some days I feel like I’m in the first grade all over again, except I don’t eat the glue (anymore).

All in all, a great day with lots done. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as productive and exciting! Off to relax a bit and enjoy the Juno Awards before heading to bed – I’m cheering for my buddy Jim Cuddy to get an award. Go Jim!


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