Springtime & Paris

This morning on my way to a job interview, I spotted the first sure sign of Spring: a robin! I was very excited, as it’s probably been years since I’ve actually seen one. Mother Nature has been playing head games with us lately; just when we think Spring is here for good, bam! she sends below-freezing temperatures. When I left the house around 11 o’clock this morning, there were high hopes that we’d reach today’s forecasted high of about 9C. A few hours later, it was only 1C, and very chilly because of the wind and rain. Not a very spring-like attitude, if you ask me…

But to cheer myself up and keep me going until Spring really arrives, I made this with the papers I found last week:


Same concept as the ribbon-hinged albums mentioned in earlier posts, except that I used white 24-lb. paper for the inside pages instead of cardstock. I love how it looks – makes me want to go visit Paris in the Springtime!

This journal as well as my most recent record books were all delivered this morning to nathalie-roze for sale in her boutique.

I can’t wait to try out the other spring-like papers I bought this week…


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