Not Bad For a Blonde…

I missed the television broadcast of CBC’s Test the Nation last weekend, but just now decided to take the IQ test for the heck of it.

Having never done an IQ test before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, so when they asked me to estimate my IQ, I guessed 115 (the average is 110).

Imagine my surprise (and relief) when I ranked at 128! Which was higher than the group of surgeons (avg: 119) who took the test! Woo hoo!

Here’s my score breakdown:
Language: 10/12
Memory: 5/6
Logic: 11/12
Visual Memory: 2/6 (I guess the glass of wine I drank before the test didn’t help in this area…)
Math: 11/12
Perception: 12/12

Take the test yourself and post your results in the comments section – I’ll send a handmade book to the fifth (5th) person to comment…


One thought on “Not Bad For a Blonde…

  1. I’d love to wait around and try to be the 5th person so I can win a book, but I can’t just sit around all day watching the blog. I have… other… pressing things to do. This was a lot of fun. And I’m glad to know I’m also above average.

    Overall: 124
    Language: 11/12
    Memory: 5/6
    Logic: 10/12
    Visual Memory: 4/6
    Math: 9/12
    Perception: 10/12

    I think it’s interesting that your IQ is calculated based on your age. I wonder how that works.

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