Tired and Cold…But Things Are Looking Up

I’ve been up since 4:45 a.m. because I had to drive to the airport not once, but TWICE this morning to drop people off. It being a 45-minute drive each way, I’m pretty exhausted and happy to be off the road for the rest of the day…

In addition, there has been lots of chaos in the household. Monday night all three occupants of our house were suddenly hit with a bout of dizzyness. When we suspected a gas leak and called our gas company, they sent the fire department and ambulance right over! We felt they had perhaps overreacted, but they insisted it was standard procedure. Well the fire department arrived within minutes with lights flashin and sirens blaring (I don’t even want to know what the neighbours were thinking). However they didn’t find any signs of carbon monoxide or leakage and promptly left, leaving us feeling kinda stupid for having created such havoc for nothing. Well about two hours later an employee from the gas company showed up, and turns out there was indeed a gas leakage, although no carbon monoxide! Scary to think what could’ve happened if he hadn’t shown up. We have to get the whole furnace replaced so we’ve been without heat for two days now. Not fun considering it’s been two of the coldest days this winter… But they’re working on it all day today and hopefully everything will be resolved by tonight.

On to happier things…here are a few new projects I’ve worked on this past week:

explosion-red.jpg an explosion book

cd-cases-4.jpg some CD cases

accordion-box-2.jpg an accordion box with ribbon closure

ribbon-hinged-bw.jpg and a ribbon-hinged album.

I also found this super duper book cloth holder at the liquor store:


It’s actually a tequila box with the dividers still intact – perfect for storing the cloth by colour. Now I know exactly what I have in stock!


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