More Storage Goodness…

I realized this morning that I didn’t have a proper container to hold my legal-sized file folders. I don’t really have many of them, but it bugged me that they were just laying around because I didn’t have anywhere to put them. So I decided to build my own storage container, with paper to coordinate with my craft room walls. Here’s the result:
file-folder-storage1.jpg file-folder-storage2.jpg

It’s not perfect, but you can’t really see the flaws. I’m quite happy with it. It seems durable, but we’ll have to wait and see… I’m now thinking of building a whole slew of organizational containers for my office/craft room!

I spent most of the day yesterday working on some workshop projects: developing good samples that I can leave in the stores where I’ll be teaching, and costing each workshop project. It is so difficult to cost things out and I really hate this part! But it’s sooo important, because I recently realized that I’d been underpricing my products by a lot, simply because I’d been too lazy to calculate how much the materials and labours really cost. It was an huge eye opener when I first did this exercise… Here’s the store sample of the CD case workshop I’ll be giving:
cd-case-lc.jpg cd-case-lc-back.jpg

I have a feeling this product will sell like hotcakes…


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