ECMA Memories…

Watching the East Coast Music Awards on TV last night brought back so many great memories. In 1997 I had just been laid off from my job for a few weeks, and was feeling bummed out. When I realized I had tons of time on my hands, I phoned the ECMA organizers to see if they needed help (this was the week before the conference and awards show). They asked me to come over IMMEDIATELY. They assigned me to the Director of Communications, who had me calling media to confirm their attendance – imagine the thrill of calling the editors of Rolling Stone magazine! I guess she was so impressed with my work that the night of the awards show she assigned me to the backstage press room; my job was to facilitate interviews between media and artists. It was incredible being backstage – I got to see Rick Mercer in action (he was still with 22 Minutes back then), and Peter Gzowski was there to receive an award for his contribution to East Coast music. I also got to attend the post-awards party, where I mingled with the guys from Great Big Sea and Sloane. It was truly a magical evening. As I was on my was out of the hotel where the party took place, an impromptu kitchen party broke out in the lobby, and I ended up staying even longer. I think I finally made it home at 8 am… To this day, the week spent at the ECMAs is still the best fun I’ve ever had. I can’t believe it was 10 years ago already…

I’ve only made one book in the past two days. It’s a new binding for me – ribbon-hinged. It turned out quite nicely, and I love the colour combination of pink and brown:
ribbon-hinged-pb.jpg ribbon-hinged-pb-spine.jpg

I also just finished reading The Birth House by Ami McKay, which I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend. I loved Marie Babineau’s background link as an Acadian/Cajun (I am of Acadian descent) and her way of speaking. I’ve just started The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards, and like it so far…


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