New Projects…

Now that all the book orders have been filled, I finally have more time to start developing new papercraft projects for my workshops. I have had so many ideas floating around, but no time to play around with them, so I’m finally having fun again…

Last week I went shopping at Active Surplus, a store in downtown Toronto (it’s just steps from MuchMusic) that sells…well…everything. It’s hard to describe this store, but they seem to be a liquidator of electronic parts and so many other items. Anyway, I bought a pack of 100 CD sleeves and thought they’d be perfect for making some kind of book because they were pre-perforated. Here’s what I came up with:
Here it is opened – there are 5 CD sleeves, each able to hold 2 CDs:
And the back cover:
B. said it was the most brilliant thing I’ve ever designed, so for Valentine’s Day I made him this surprise gift:
The back is a Hank Williams LP. Unfortunately I was rushing so much while making it (I wanted to finish it before B. got back) that I glued the back on upside down. Oops! I’ll fix it for him this week. In the first sleeve I included a CD of some of our favourite songs, which B. really loved.

I’ll be teaching a workshop at nathalie-roze & co. on how to make these nifty CD sleeve books. The tentative date for the workshop is Sunday, March 18, but check her website for more details and to register.

I’ll probably be presenting an adapted version of the CD sleeve book for the scrapbooking market. Instead of LPs or record sleeves as the covers, I’ll use paper-covered chipboard, embellished with ribbons and such. It’s great that I can make the same project but adapt it to two completely different clienteles.

I’ve also been trying to come up with a Mother’s Day workshop project using file folders. This is what I made a few nights ago:
It can contain photos and other ephemera, or it can be used as a pretty recipe box. It still needs some tweaking, as I’m not completely satisfied with the final project.

And finally, I’ve been living in a house full of Inuit stone carvers for the past few weeks. A few of B.’s friends have been staying with us, and they’ve been producing like crazy, which is fantastic. I tell ya, the creativity running through this house is inspiring! For the first time ever, we’ve actually been able to display some carvings on our mantle:
Normally B. sells all his carvings as he makes them, so they’re never around the house for more than a day or two. With two other carvers around, it’s great to see such a wonderful display of styles and creativity, although it won’t last – today the plan is to make a gallery run and try to unload as many of these carvings as possible…


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