I Think I’m Ready…

It’s so sunny and peaceful in the house on this Christmas Eve morn. B. and his son are still in bed, so I have the whole place to myself, which is wonderful.

The past few days I’ve been scrambling to finish my shopping and crafting and I think I’m finally ready for the Big Day tomorrow. The gifts are all wrapped and under our small tree:

I’ve also bought a few presents for myself. After last month’s nasty crafting accident during which I sliced my finger, I got to thinking much more about safety. I bought a Fiskar rotary cutter and an O’Lipfa ruler (it has a lip at one edge that clamps to the edge of the chipboard or whatever else you’re cutting, therefore making it more stable). I’m looking forward to trying these out:

The books are thrift store finds; I’ll be ripping out the binding to use the pages in my handmade books. I like to choose colourful, informative books that have thicker paper for pages.

Friday I got a great package in the mail from my Swap-Bot partner Katrina. It was for the Holiday Stress Swap (we were supposed to send items that would make the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable).

My package from Katrina included some wrapping tape and gift tags, a skein of 100% alpaca wool from Peru, a box of minty truffles (my favourite!), gold and silver pipe cleaners, soft trouser socks, candy cane cocoa, handmade soap from Hawaii and some relaxing bath tea, which I can’t wait to try out! Thank you, Katrina!

I only discovered Swap-Bot about a month ago, but have since joined three swaps. They are highly addictive, so much fun to put together and even more fun to receive! I’ll definitely be joining more swaps in the new year.

I’d like to wish a safe and happy holiday season to everyone reading this, and best wishes in the new year!

Cheers all around!


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