As I sat perusing the blogosphere earlier tonight, I came across a post by Billie’s Craft Room, in which she posted her favourite five books on bookbinding and invited other bookbinders to do the same. I thought I’d take her up on the challenge! Here goes:

1. Books with Girth

Cherryl does a fantastic job of giving detailed instructions THAT MAKE SENSE – regardless of whether you’re a novice or a pro bookbinder. Her projects are lots of fun too.

2. How to Make Books

This is such a fun and visually stimulating book – I love the whole design of the book, from the inside pages to the chipboard letterpressed covers. It’s gorgeous. I also love the fact the Esther has many projects that include recycled materials.

3. 1-2 & 3-Section Sewings: Non-Adhesive Binding Volume II

Keith’s instructions can be tricky to understand and follow at times, but I love the incredible number of variations on each binding. Once you “get” his instructions and diagrams, you can make some pretty stunning books.

4. Unique Handmade Books

  • Author: Alisa Golden
  • Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co.
  • ISBN 1-4027-0614-6

In truth, any of Alisa Golden’s books could be on this list. Her projects are fun, her instructions are great, and they’re a great mix between traditional bookbinding and art books. This was the first bookbinding book I ever bought (it was so pretty) – it actually sat on my bookshelf for a few years before I mustered up the nerve to attempt a project or two.

5. Cover to Cover: Creative Techniques for Making Beautiful Books, Journals and Albums

  • Author: Shereen LaPlantz
  • Publisher: Lark Books
  • ISBN978-0-937274-87-3

This is the one book you’ll find on most bookbinder’s shelves. It provides a good, solid overview of basic and more advanced bookbinding techniques.

Are there any other must-have books that you haven’t seen on this list? Please share!

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